Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Andre's carefree in Gingham and changing the world one smile at a time. Que sera, whatever Trilby.
6th September, 2011 (Montreal) Got Gingham recently moved it's offices (which explains the sporadic frequency of Got Gingham reports lately) so it's time to get back on track and start feeding you Got Gingham fans some more Gingham.

Meet our man Andre here who was waltzing down Avenue Duluth with his girl and not a care in the world. How can he not have a care in the world, considering all the hazard, fear and suffering going on around us? Can't Andre see we need to do something about it? Listen, when you've got Gingham, something comes over you. Take this sharp hat Andre's wearing, notice how it produces just the right amount of shade, just the right amount of tension and just the right angle of aerodynamics. This black and white Gingham Santiago Trilby Andre's got therefore acts as a capital exclamation of carefree ease as he wades his way comfortably through the waves of life. Sure, there's something that has got to be done about some of the big questions around us in the world, but why do it with your beard on fire while throwing parking meters at policemen?

A true life-changer walks the streets in peace and self-governance, and if he's like Andre here, with a huge dose of self-love. How can we tell Andre has self-love? One of the first things my grandmother talked to me about was the importance of self-love. "It all starts with Gingham," she said before trailing off into another of her dance hall ditties. Thanks Andre, we all need a lesson in being carefree and a reminder of my granny's wisdom.

More Gingham Gets from the Streets of North America

Mr. Ruben at Streetgazers in Philadelphia shot this:
A bag-strap is almost a must, with Gingham.

Here's another from Denim Therapy

Claudia Schiffer pounding the pavements, giving out her CV. In Gingham.

And another great candid in Montreal from Isabelle Chiasson:

He's giving her five reasons why she should wear Gingham.

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